My Story

My Story

My love of audio visual production began at an early age.  I grew up around tape recorders and guitars, so while very young, I spent endless hours recording myself and learning recording techniques.  As teenagers, my brother and I purchased a Super 8 film camera and were constantly making movies..  My childhood activites turned out to become my destiny.

 After receiving my BS in broadcasting at the University of Northwestern in St. Paul  I interned at a local Twin Cities production house and became their first full time employee.  For the next 10 years I honed my skills as an audio engineer as well as video producer, learning how to work with people, both as coworkers and as clients.  After 10 years, I felt prepared to lead a project from start to finish and left to start Visual Reality, Inc. in 1992

Twenty years later I am still passionate about my work. This passion is seen through my drive and work ethic.  Every organization or individual has a story, and I am a story teller with an eye for creativity.  

Let me tell your story.



Visual Reality offers full recording services, both in studio and on location, including: Digital recording using the latest recording hardware and software, unlimited multi-track recording with a large assortment of microphones, voice overs, demos, ADR, VRU prompts, soundtrack, audio sweetening, music demos, CD music projects and CD duplication.


Includes complete on location video production using a Sony EX3 HD video camera, lighting, audio for video, GlideCam, digital editing, graphics effects, conversion to various digital formats for online distribution, DVD duplication, scripting, professional voice and on camera talent.  I specialize in:

• Medical - clinical, hospital, surgery

• Corporate - overview, training, product demonstration and promotion

• Non-Profit - capital campaigns, promotion, event support


With a fully equipped recording studio and control room, I can record solo artists or bands and choirs.  I have various instruments available including keyboards, guitars, drums. In addition to supporting solo artists, bands and choirs, I can write jingles and produce soundtracks for movies.


VR TV Card

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